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About Clay India International School

India has known some of the oldest school systems in human history. Indian Gurukul (Clan or House of Master) were usually campuses, where under a well known ascetic and learned man of knowledge, children were sent for training in walks of life. Education is ultimately about the search for truth and excellence and the business of Clay India International School will be to pursue that search in its teaching and research.

One of the hallmarks of a good educational institution is its attitude towards teaching and research; its ability not merely to hand on accumulated knowledge and practical skills, but to question conventional wisdom.

In today's fast paced world, it is important for us to realize that our children need to be groomed and equipped to achieve the highest laurels in their respective fields.

Academic qualifications enable students to step out in the real world and technical knowledge ensures that they leave their mark wherever they go. It is a balanced combination of the two that helps create successful personalities at both, the individual and professional levels.

The conceptualization of Clay India International School has been based on the vision of its founder Mr. G. S. Dhillon, the managing director of a leading multi-national software development concern.

Being a veteran in the IT-industry for the past so many years, Mr. Dhillon realizes that it is imperative to provide quality technical education along with academic qualifications, in order to develop our children into successful individuals to gear up for the future.

Chairman: Mr. G.S. Dhillon

Phone: 0164-2426888

Email: ciisb@yahoo.com

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