Medical Facilities -

  1. 1- We understand what parental care is all about.
  2. 2- At CIIS, we ensure that the little ones are given tender care.
  3. 3- We are equipped with all the requisite medical facilities in Sick Bay and ensure complete care for your child.

Smart Class - Click Here for Smart Class PPT

Mr Simran Singh Dhillon is the founder of Smart class in Clay India International School.

Clay India International School has a Broadcasting System for the school children. This broadcasting system has various features:

1. All NCERT Books are converted into Video CD'S so that children will be able to learn and understand things easily. Children learn quickly when they see things visually .In this case , these Video Cd's help a child to understand things faster than through books. CD'S will be available in the library so that children can take them home and watch.

2. There is a facility of TV in every classroom so that teachers can run it according to the Timetable.
3. A Language Lab to facilitate in learning English, Hindi and Punjabi (Audio/Video both).

Clay India International School has children from 52 villages of Bhatinda. This broadcasting system will help children to understand lessons easily. These video CD's would also groom children in their daily life with better living habits. Village children who do not have any knowledge of this system will benefit from it most. It would also help them to learn about Audio Visual Devices.

Inquiry about the Homework over the Phone -

We also provide the facility wherein you can inquire about your child's homework over the phone in order to make sure that your child does not miss even a single days activity at school.

Transportation -

  1. 1- Your Child is in Safe Hands.
  2. 2- Transportation will be provided as per requirement.