The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge

Certain advantages of the proposed educational system at CIIS includes the following :

Curriculum - Rigorous research and a deep insight into the Indian education system has encouraged us to launch the new curriculum, where the emphasis would be on developing the skills of children at the grass-root level and inculcating habits that would enhance their personality, right from the beginning. Each child would be given personal attention by the members of the faculty.

Parents Involvement in Education - CIIS shall always welcome parents to the school, which will be subjected to a certain framework that will regulate such visits. Frequent parent involvement is a necessity.

Importance of Library - Reading ensures complete growth of ones intellect, tastes and individuality. Thus, to inculcate good reading habits and to make it an activity full of fun for kids, our curriculum stresses on activities that would prompt them to discover the world of books and perceive the art of reading.

Experienced Teaching Staff - The teaching staff for the school is certified and has rich experience in teaching. To enhance the skills of the teachers further, and to equip them with the latest development, we provide them with on-the-job training. The school possesses a resource center that arranges workshops, seminars and refresher courses for In-Service Teacher Education and their on-the-job professional growth.