Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs

Along side the academic courses prescribed by the official curriculum, the school will offer many enrichment programs.

Sports - It is just not Co-curricular Activities, but A Way of Life for the Young Ones. Children are children, each one has a different taste & preference, likes and dislikes. Nevertheless, we take care that each one's interest is given the necessary thrust.

As they say "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" the idea especially holds true when talking about inculcating habits and interests by making children familiar with all walks of life and giving them the option to choose and decide.

We make sports "a way of life" for your children and not just an extra-curricular activity. At Clay India International School, we blend work and play in a fashion that helps your children in pursuing their interests.

The various Sports activities provided at CIIS are :

1. Football 2. Tennis Court 3. Table-Tennis 4. 8-Lane Track Field
5. Basket Ball 6. Horse Riding 7. Swimming Pool 8. Volley Ball
9. Yoga & Meditation 10. Roller Skating 11. Hockey 12. Cricket

Outdoor Excursions - Practical learning is the only way by which children learn the most. Following this principal, the school curriculum has programs for outdoor picnics and educational excursions for children. Along with this, we plan to assign live projects to students, which they will execute under the supervision of our trained staff.

Complete Access to the Internet - The immeasurable treasure of knowledge is just a click away from your child. The present and the future of the IT industry is based on the Internet. It is for this reason that CIIS provides connection to the Internet for all students during academic hours to understand and use the power of the Internet in their pursuit for knowledge.