Redefining Education

Redefining Education

Today, we live in a different environment as compared to say a few years ago, and therefore the education being imparted has to change accordingly. The course review has to be continuous and the latest technologies need to be incorporated frequently so as to keep the students equipped with skills to thrive in the digital medium. For any individual to succeed a well-rounded personality is a necessity.

Value-Added School Education for your Children

Research Oriented Curriculum for Students - The curriculum has been designed in a manner that induces children to search and use the vast knowledge base provided by the library books. We have a comprehensive stock of books for the young minds, to explore and to gain knowledge from. Along with this, we also provide a vast software library to take care of the technical knowledge of the students.

Learning Computers is a Pleasure- Gone are the days when children were instructed and made to do specific assignments. In today's world knowledge is no more a set of instructions but an expedition where each one has to go in his quest for attaining knowledge. The field of computers offers the platform where each individual can pick-up his area of interest and build on it. CIIS provides full opportunity to each student to explore and understand his or her area of interest and work for the same. The guidance provided by our faculty would be based on practical assignments and projects that would help enhance the skills of each student to the fullest.

Education with Fun - Our ideology is based on the fact that education can be made fun rather than a boring set of instructions. To bring out the real interests of a child and to help him build on them it is necessary that the child be given the freedom to explore and to observe.

Clay India Internationa Senior Secondaryl School recognizes what changes need to be made, where they need to be made and how to bring them about so as to ensure a bright future for its students. A conscious effort is being made to take pains and unlearn some of the attitudes of the old-age. It is difficult, since there are no instant results, but the start has come and in today's fast paced digital world getting off the blocks first is what counts most. The idea is to ensure that all children that come to CIIS get the break in terms of getting off the block first.